23 November 2013

Managing Bibliographies

Whether it is writing for academic purposes or for one's own note-taking/learning, how does one keep track of all the articles and publications one comes across? Evernote is a great tool for keeping notes , while both  iAnnotate  and GoodReader are  useful to work with files, but one still needs to make bibliographies. Here are some suggestions which offer students help. 


(Update: Apologies for blank Popplet! They don't seem to be embedding lately)

As for taking notes and annotations, PaperShip is free and synchronises with both Mendeley and Zotero.

PaperShip - Manage, Annotate, and Share your Papers On-The-Go from team shazino on Vimeo.

iAnnotate 3.0 from Branchfire on Vimeo.

Keeping track of bibliographies and using good annotation tools are relevant skills when it comes to writing and the abundance of information that emerges with each web search on a specific topic. 

What other tools do you use to create bibliographies and manage annotations?

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