22 February 2014

Writing Prompts, A Story Dice and Book Creator

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It's easy to say that students need to be creative in classrooms - but what if they aren't in the mood for fantasies or letting their imagination fly freely? And what if - because it does happen - the teacher has run out of ideas for writing?

That's when it's helpful to have a resource of writing prompts to turn to. 

Plinky offers writing ideas on a daily basis, and teachers don't necessarily have to have their students create an account. Instead, a teacher can use Plinky  and select a topic/prompt which may be appropriate for the whole class.

Enchanted Learning - Essays to Write  is another source to look for writing prompts;
many may be geared towards K12, but work well for ESL/EFL as well.

Writing Prompts, offers another selection of prompts, often with interesting  visuals. 

After writing their paragraph or short essay, students can then continue and create a publication. If working with iPads, Little Story Creator 
is free and fun to use. Besides the props already included, learners can upload their own images and  record their story.

Story Dice is not free ($1.99) but is fun to use as an ice-breaker, group story-telling activity, end of a lesson wrap up, or as a writing prompt. You can select how many dice you want on the board, each will turn up with a pictogram (which also helps ESL/EFL students with vocabulary).

As I don't ask students to buy apps, I usually use this projected on the board, with the whole class. Then in smaller groups/pairs, students write their story - often including another twist to the one done together with the whole class.

You only need to roll the dice to see where the next story will lead.

How do you nudge that extra bit of creativity into your writing lessons?

Further Suggestions:

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Picture This! Building Photo-Based Writing Skills 

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