17 March 2014

The Revision Game

Revisions just have to be fun! And FlipQuiz is a great tool to use for revising language or content.

After signing up, one begins by creating a new quiz board, give it a name, and with the choice of six categories, there will be five questions for each. Then, for each question, the creator of the quiz board, adds the correct answer. Save, and it's ready to go. 

In class, before projecting the quiz, I give each small group a laminated white board and their own marker. The groups then have to write their answer and raise their board. The first team with the correct answer wins the prize (i.e. if the question is worth 1 point, 1 chocolate coin, if 2 points, 2 chocolate coins; up to the 5 coins for the 5 point question). 

Flipquiz works well on iPads as well, so that is another bonus using it, if you happen to be teaching with iPads. 

Revisions? Definitely a lesson to look forward to!