1 April 2014

A Creative Approach to Book Reports

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When prepping lessons, two things often on my mind are how to offer the best workflow for students (i.e. moving between digital devices for learning tasks and paper-based tasks) and providing opportunities for students' own creativity for learning. Book reports, for instance,  are not new, but by adding digital tools for students to create them, we can offer a new experience for learning.

Tackk is a content creation board, which  I came across in TechCrunch. It allows you to include images, text and video; it's free and embeddable. If you would like to keep your work, you only need to sign up and it's saved, (otherwise it expires after 7 days).

For students who need to write a book report, preparing their book report with images, video, a soundtrack and text gives them the opportunity to be more creative in their task. Working in a small group,  they can  then share their work either in their blog/class blog or LMS. Tackk can be used for different kinds of projects - from school events to any kind of group project.

Below is an example, demonstrating how simple it is to find images and how to add content.

What other ways do you ask students to present book reports?

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  1. I do something different every time! Sometimes we make twitter pages: http://eslcarissa.blogspot.mx/2014/02/tweet-on-behalf-of-character.html (facebook pages are fun too). Sometimes we hold fake auctions (Here's the pin that Katnis received early in the book from her friend. It is important because of bla bla bla... We make soundtracks to the book, or draw the characters http://eslcarissa.blogspot.mx/2014/02/whos-character.html Most of my assignments can be done online or on paper. Whatever students prefer!