30 September 2014

Documentaries for Learning


Using short video clips and movies, is undoubtedly a great way to entice students' attention to learning. Though Vimeo and YouTube offer many short and long clips to choose from, there are other sources as well. 

Two sites which have recently caught my attention are Newseum and Docurama.

Newseum offers free resources including interactive activities, videos and lesson plans which are geared mostly for history and journalism but can be tailored to a teacher's lesson.  It also includes a page which helps teachers check the content and standard of English. 

Docurama offers a wide selection of documentaries - as the title of the site suggests.  It has recently come out with an app
as well, making it even easier to use if you teach with iPads.

And now, if you pardon me, I'm off to watch some movies!

What other sources can you suggest/share for movies and videos that can be used in classrooms?


  1. Thanks for sharing this. I had not heard of Newseum or Docurama before but I will be checking them out when I get the time as they both look very interesting.

  2. Hi John,

    Glad you found these of interest. A colleague also mentioned Wingclips (http://www.wingclips.com/) but I haven't used it yet. Thank you for visiting!