25 September 2014

Reading Between the Lines

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In the midst of social change, between challenges and transformations, frustrations and successes, it seems that it is  educators who must bear the responsibility of all that goes wrong in education. Never mind that teachers are often the ones who spend their time seeking new ways to engage their learners of new generational habits. Never mind that teachers spend their free time doing professional training and updating their professional skills. And no, don't even mention how a teacher's job is ever done, for the load of marking, grading, filling forms, prepping lesson, designing new materials, and an increased responsibility of administration duties can all be completed in a regular working day, leaving plenty of free time to pursue hobbies and looking after one's family.... 

As for those who know everything about education and how to "fix" it, my question is simple - when was the last time you were actually teaching? How did you really engage students and capture their imagination for learning? When was the last time you received a pay rise? When was the last time you earned respect for being an educator?

When I ask those simple questions, I receive no answer. The only ones who are able to understand and reply are teachers themselves. Teachers who are in classrooms every day, enticing learners, bridging facts, figures, stimulating the desire to learn and succeed, making a syllabus come alive with meaning. Classroom teachers are the ones who challenge themselves to  make a syllabus more interesting than the instant gratification of Instagram, more necessary than the flood of messages and texts which demand immediate attention from the part of the student. 
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An education is so much more than the ability to click on a like button and send a smiley.

An education is so much more than being able to use a calculator or search engine.

And educator's job is so much more than delivering a syllabus.
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If we are to make any positive, constructive, peaceful progress in this fragile world of ours,
it is through education.

And by the way....if you are reading this today, you too have a teacher to thank.

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Today's suggestion is The Teaching Channel  - an example of a site where teachers can dip into for inspiration. With videos on current educational topics and concerns, it offers ideas and a platform of discussion for educators.


  1. Absolutely true, dear Cristina! I couldn´t agree more with what you have written!
    It goes without saying, that I sometimes wake up at 4 or 5 am thinking about something new to do in class! May I call it lack of sleep brainstorming??. Well, I bet it does happen to many of us!
    Warmest Regards from Buenos Aires!

  2. Hi Fabiana,

    Thank you for visiting and sharing your thoughts! As you say, teachers spend a lot of time thinking, planning and coming up with new, fresh ideas (no easy task!). Quite often I get my best ideas when I'm driving :-)