17 September 2014

Videos for Learning and Revising

For many, a new academic year has begun, and with it, new challenges, especially in regard to how best capture learners' attention in the classroom and when revising.  Language teachers have relied on using videos in lessons for many years now, and as practices change, so too does the terminology in education. Flipping the classroom is one of these cases. (see Nik Peachey on his views of flipping the classroom)

Of course, there is more to just setting a video for viewing outside the classroom. Below is   The 6-Step Guide to Flipping your Classroom:

As a language teacher, one of the aspects I most like, is being able to give learners time to learn at their own pace and having resources which they can review when they need to. By using video tools which allow me to create a focus on what learners need to learn and understand, I am also offering them a degree of learner autonomy. 
Students can work on their own, with a partner in class and later review the same video.  eduCanonEDpuzzle and Zaption are similar tools,  each having its own features which may appeal to different teachers and their needs and contexts. Here is an example made with eduCanon for a low level English class. 

Which is your favourite tool to create videos with exercises for students?

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