28 October 2014

Games and Avatars for Halloween

Avatars are not only for dressing up times, but, if students haven't had the opportunity to create an avatar yet, Halloween is a great time to do so.

The Mini-Mizer  is a well known tool that creates mini lego avatars , while MeMaker also creates avatars suitable for younger learners. 

Moonjee creates funny, strange faces,  almost alien-like.
 It also offers an additional tool - users can then analyse how attractive a face is. 

Pickaface is free, but users need to register.

3D Myself  is another site where anyone can create avatars,

while Make Human is an open source tool for making 3D characters.

Last suggestion for today is Head in a Jar, which is available for both iOS and Android.

KidsActivities has a range of activities and ideas for young learners and Halloween , including special Halloween snacks.

Which avatar will you be creating for Halloween?

Further suggestions:

Who are you? Where's your Avatar?

Teaming (or Taming?) Teens

Word Games for When You are Stuck in the Middle

Kusocartoon - Cartoonize your photo

BeFunky - to create cartoon avatars (now as an app for both iOS and Android)

Avatar Secrets - "A digital project in form and content, Avatar Secrets explores the complexities of human connection in the wired world, examining the evolving nature of community, relationships, empathy and interdependence in the real world, and in the digital frontier."

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