12 October 2014

Inspiring Creativity with Storytelling

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It is so simple to say that the young, digital generation lack imagination. However, how many ask the question of whether they are given the chance to actually engage their imaginative minds within educational contexts without being smothered by exam procedures and statistics?

The truth is, rarely is the gift of imagination fostered in educational settings (other perhaps than in writing classes or foreign language classes where the main focus will be to repeat a certain grammatical structure). Developing creativity demands time, nurturing and encouragement. Sometimes an individual will have the drive (or need) to delve into their imaginative reign without being prodded to from the outside world. But this does not happen to all, nor do all children have this encouragement at home.

A fun app for young learners to use their imagination to tell their own story is Imagistory.
With images to prompt story telling, youngsters can tell different stories and even record their stories to share with others or listen to their own stories again.

Another way for younger learners to tell stories, is to create their own book with My Storybook.

The storyteller can select visuals to include, draw their own pictures and even upload their own images. They can select which colour they want to write in as well as the font.  Also simple to use is adding pages, creating a new story and choosing a new background.

Creating a storybook is especially rewarding for beginners in foreign languages as it blends digital skills and the target language, giving learners something tangible to share and show their friends and parents.

For older students, Story Wars 
takes reading and writing to another level where participants read a story which is being written and add the next chapter. The best part for the participant is how they may receive feedback on their writing (always much more interesting than only the teacher!)

These suggestions may not, of course, be appropriate or practical for all classroom scenarios, and as always, when introducing digital activities one needs to think of the purpose and aim of the activity. Nevertheless, there are plenty of ways to stimulate imagination and creativity in classrooms -

one only needs to open the door to inspiration.

Further Suggestions:

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  1. Great piece. Thanks for the resources.

  2. Hi Petreno, thank you for visiting my "skybox"; glad you found resources useful!