13 October 2014

Soundbites for the Classroom

In a time-stressed world, it seems that soundbites are all we have time to pay attention to.  On public transport, in the media, and yes, even in the classroom. 

One of my regular routines is to project soundbites (or more commonly referred to as quotations) on the board as students walk into the classroom and settle down to a lesson. In other contexts I have used music, these days however, I tend to use visual images to indicate a different space, a change of pace, a moment to transit from the outside world into the rhythms of practice and learning. Sometimes there is a nudging to remind students that success is a result of dedicated work; other times, an image with words can turn on smiles and lighten up the burden of having to sit for another hour and focus on learning.

If you use a LMS such as Edmodo, you can also post quotations to the group and ask students if they agree/disagree or what else they would add. As students become accustomed to these images and short texts, why not ask them to create their own quotes/soundbites to share with their group?

Quipio is a free app and quotes can be shared publicly or privately. 

Cover Quote is simple to use and offers different kinds of formats,

which can then also be shared on different platforms.

A final example of the quote on the right, will look like this:

The user can tailor the quotation with font, colour and background image before sharing the final quotation.

Quozio  is another online tool which creates quotes, for which it is practical to sign up to.  It is essentially based on text and includes the author of the quote. You can see a sample collection here .  

Pixteller you can create posters and quotations with images. (you need to sign up and have an account). 

My two favourites continue being Muzy  and Canva:

Having learners create their own quotations lets them not only develop ICT skills (reading the screen, knowing what to add and where), but also empowers them in sharing their values and thoughts - and possibly, even opening up discussions which they are interested in.

Learning doesn't have to always be a boring affair.

Learning happens.

When one least expects it to.

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Canva now has an App for iOS as well!

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