9 October 2014

Visualizing Time with Timelines

Where does time go?

Rather than dwell on the disappearance of time and how each week blitzes away into vague memories mixed with marking, grading and prepping, this post is about tools which allow students to create timelines. 

Timelines are great for visualising events and trying to make sense of them, be they historical events or personal experiences. They can be used as a skeleton of an essay (i.e. an outline), a brainstorming activity or a summarising task.  Whether individually or in collaboration, timelines make interesting visuals when focusing on the past. 

RWT Timeline  is a free app designed by Read Write Thinkan excellent educational site which offers interactive lesson ideas  (mentioned before in this blog) and includes different apps  for students. 

timerime is easy to use, may be used in English, Dutch and Spanish, and is simple to embed (as shown in the example below).  There are different types of accounts, including one for businesses and another for education, as well as a free account. You can include both videos and images and it lends itself to collaboration between students. 

myHistro displays stories on maps and also has a free app 

Another timeline creator is WhenInTime, 
creating timelines with images and a time slider at the bottom of the time presentation.  The images of the timeline can expand, which is helpful if students are making a presentation to the class. 

TimelineJS is an open-source tool, media can be collected from different sources and then once the timeline is completed, may be shared on Social Media or embedded in a blog.

How do you  make sense of time?

Further Suggestions:

ChronoZoom - Interactive Infographic 

Chrono Zoom - Information about the project

Neatline - Maps and Stories

Deep Time (includes support materials)  with Evolution 

Preceden - for creating timelines

Writing Skills, Diaries and Timelines

Timelines and Visual History


Timelapse - Satellite Images of Climate Change

TimelinesTV - History, Documentary and Video Online


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