23 March 2015

Adding Spring to Presentations






With no disrespect to these (above mentioned) tools, there comes a time when presentations just blur into a senseless maze of deja vu, maps well known,  blending the hope that the end arrives soon and painlessly. 

Been there?

Know what I mean?

Yes, there is PowToons , which adds sparkle and is great to share messages and reminders with students, as well as for students to create their own.

Below is a simple example:

But with Spring comes the urge to try out new presentation tools, which may, perhaps lead one out of the dreary maze of the expected. Here are some suggestions.

One of my favourites at the moment, is bunkr

and below you can easily understand how simple and interesting it is to use:

Personally, I find it one of the most interesting approaches to creating a presentation.

Two other tools which have caught my attention, are rawshorts (free to sign up to)

And Sparkol - though there is the pricing to consider.

Presentations don't have to be the regular, mental check-out session, where the audience struggles to remain alive, where presenters mumble onwards, reading slide after slide into oblivious digital dust. 

Presentations are so much more. 

So please, please, please, TEACHERS and Students alike, let's remember:

What is your favourite presentation tool at the moment?


I'd like to thank Mark Curcher, Director of the Program Director of 21st Century Educators at TAMK, Finland, for the meme above.

Further Suggestions:

SlideDog (for Windows only)

Reflections on Public Speaking

Presenting for  End of Academic Year

Slide Your Show


Ruri - free App for iPad

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