23 March 2015

Financial Responsibility with Learning Games

Students today have the opportunity to learn at the click of a button, with a wide range of digital tools and apps to then display their skills and what they've learnt. 

Within this learning context, there is the need that students are taught digital learning skills - not only bodies of knowledge, but  skills which will enable students to become life-long learners, skills to navigate and to participate positively in the digital world. Despite the shiny new digital devices I regularly see in my classrooms, digital literacies are still, sadly,  lagging behind. 

Another skill which I think is relevant to include in classrooms today, is financial literacy - a skill which is not only for the purpose of passing an exam or test, but one which is immediately meaningful to students (e.g. how do they manage their pocket money for instance) and which they will need throughout their lives. 

Cash Crunch 101 is a free App, offering a game approach to finances. 
 Players choose their avatar (male or female) and then follow the cues to play the game, (by clicking the dice). As they make their financial decisions and they will also receive instant feedback. 

Players can also ask Brian (image on the left) how to play the game or use the glossary (a plus for students learning English). 

The website also includes notes for teachers and some additional sites to explore. 

How do you feel about financial literacy? Should it be part of classrooms today?

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