2 March 2015

Revision with Games


Revising is an integral part of learning and can be fun when games are used. I have already mentioned how Kahoot.it, Flip Quiz and Socrative are great resources to use in lessons, as well as  how Edmodo's Quiz feature saves teachers time and gives students the chance to do the quiz either in class or within a certain time frame chosen by the teacher.  As you can see below, you can name the quiz, set the time limit and choose the format of the quiz, i.e. Multiple Choice, True/False, Short Answer, Fill in the Blank, and Matching. It is very user friendly for both teachers and students. Another bonus is that teachers can re-use a quiz in the future.

Today I'd like to point out some other tools which are worth using for revisions. 

Quizizz is free and similar to Kahoot ,  gives students the opportunity to play in teams and works well
on all devices. Here is a brief walkthrough:

Quizdini - which offers the format of Multiple Choice and Matching games.

eQuiz Show is another option for creating a  Jeopardy-style review game:

What other games do you suggest for revisions?


  1. Blubbr.tv is a fun one too! I write about it more here: http://eslcarissa.blogspot.com/2015/02/audio-book-quizzes.html

  2. Hi Carissa,

    Thank you for visiting and sharing such great ideas! :-)