29 April 2015

Expressing Thought with Design

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I wonder. And wonder. Why not? Why ever not?

It's not a question of "short attention spans". 

It's not an issue of "they are not able to do this and must focus on passing exams". 

It's not even because there is no internet connection or lack of digital device. 

So, why not?

Notegraphy is an App which offers three options - Basic, Plus and Premium. 

It's really easy to sign up and use the Basic version - with the added delight that students will have when they share their thoughts to their social networks with a touch of professional design. 

Teachers can use Notegraphy in all kinds of different contexts, where learners can write short summaries, share thoughts, express feedback for the teacher.

 In language learning contexts especially, it provides added interest as students can practice using key vocabulary and grammatical structures in a more current way, instead of the gap-fill  repetitions they know so well. For instance, learners may be asked to use target vocabulary or a grammatical structure.

Writing, like photography, has changed. Despite students still having the need to learn how to write a well structured, well thought out essay, there are also other ways of writing, other ways of expressing thought and communicating.

What better way to motivate students to write and express themselves
than by introducing a cool app  which they can use on any device, and in class?

Identity comes in many forms - the written word included.

How do you get students using apps to express themselves in times of change?

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Brave New Camera Trailer from Brave New Camera on Vimeo.

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