30 April 2015

That Time of Year Again - Testing and Revisions

End of April and in many places the term/semester is now heading towards its end. Which also means that teachers and students are busy with revisions and assessments. Although I may not be a big fan of mindless, repetitive gap-fills, every classroom activity has a place and time for their use. (One also needs to bear in mind student preferences, even if they are not a teacher's preference. Change in perceptions and learning approaches happens slowly)

Edueto  is a web tool that creates different kinds of exercises which may be used as revision or testing. Simple and clear, teachers can share and re-use their tests whenever they wish.  There is a library to save materials (tests), a folder for students and test results.

Below you can see what kind of activities Edueto creates:

For time-strapped educators, this is definitely a simple tool to look into, especially when teaching languages. 

How do you save time with testing? 

Further Suggestions:

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