20 April 2015

The Career Dream

Moments when one chases dreams, moments when one inhales the living dream.  

Moments when one is grateful for having had the audacity, the difiance,  to meet a dream. Face to face. In all its splendour. 

There are other moments too, when I ask my students about their

dreams - after all, if they are studying, won't they have dreams for their futures? 

For many, the future career is a fuzzy, hazy place they do not want to venture into.

For others, especially younger learners, the future is an uncertain dream, one defined by financial background, possible kickbacks and sheer luck. Futures are too unpredictable; too fickle. 

Yet, as educators we often ask students, gently reminding them that there are long-term purposes for sitting in classrooms day after day. 

The Career Cluster Inventory is a fun quiz where of course, there are no right or wrong answers. Learners can explore what kind of career is best suited for them. They can also  explore by determining their target salary to see if it matches their job choice. 

is another site which aims to help young people find out which occupation they should have. Students can explore this site by assessing themselves, looking into job families and making money choices. There are also tips about which field to study, job application tools and creating a skill profile, among other items. 

Dreams are unlike assessments, which need to  be immediately achievable. 

Dreams feed one's life, pushing us forward, hoping that each day brings us closer to achieving that goal. 

Dreams should always be unshackled, a sea free to sail,  free to roam. Free to chase. 

And grasp. One day. 

Trailer from Gilles Deschaud on Vimeo.

How often do you ask your learners what they dream of being in the future?

Further Suggestions:

The Future Belongs to Learners

VA Wizard - Career Landing  (of interest for students to focus on their skills and interests)

Career Cruising 

Career Ignitor - Build a Resume

ResumUP - Create a Visual Resume

Chase Me - a 3D Printed Film (Find out more)

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