20 May 2015

Steller Storytelling

Perhaps few may understand how sands live in a state of flow, how they are swept up into magestic mountains, how they glide and slide into one's imagination. Dunes, such as the one above, are part of my world. 

When it comes to storytelling, it's the opportunity to tell one's story, to engage in stories that are familiar and non-threatening, that students enjoy. It's all very well to bring stories from around the world into the classroom. In the foreign language classroom, there has been a tendency to do that for many, many years. However, as much as honouring stories from other corners of the world is of interest and educational value, it is one's own stories that captivate one's attention. For as interesting as stories from China, for example, may be, students who don't live in China or in Asia or in a sphere of Chinese influence, will quite likely be more engaged in stories which they can relate to from their own environment and personal world. 

Steller is a free App for the iPhone which lets you create stories with images, videos and text. Perfect for digital storytelling - and for giving learners the opportunity to actually use their mobiles for producing classroom tasks. If a students doesn't have an iPhone, they can easily be grouped into pairs or small groups, each member being responsible for a particular task of the story (e.g. finding the desired image, storyboarding, using the target lexis and so on).

Steller: Everyone has a story tell. from Steller on Vimeo.

Another feature which I particularly like, is how simple it is to embed a story within a blog or website, share on social media as well as the possibility to add comments - which for a class, helps in cementing their own learning collaborative networking space. 

Stories define us. 

Stories strengthen us. 

Stories become us. 

How do your students tell stories on their mobiles?

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