13 May 2015

Storytelling with Adobe

Summer is approaching and with it, offers of summer school to keep teens and children busy and engaged.  Summer time is also a time of freedom, a time of play and discovery unleashed from regular routines. What better time is there to tell one's story, one's discoveries and dreams?

Adobe Voice and Adobe Slate are free iPad Apps, which can be used to tell stories with voice and images. 

Stories don't necessarily only need to be about learners ' dreams. Perhaps there is a local issue in a community that needs attention. Problem solving skills may be reflected in essays but also in using media to express solutions. 

There are always stories to tell.

There are always problems to solve.

There is always a need for creativity.

How many other ways can students use Adobe Voice/Slate?


Whenever images are not given credit, they happen to be my own. 

Further Suggestion:

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