22 May 2015

Summer Explorations for Educators With Open Resources

At the end of the academic year, it is quite possible that the last thing teachers want to hear about is more professional development. Yet summer is a great time to catch up on tools/apps that one has heard about but hasn't had the time to try out as well as discover new educational sites. 

 OpenEd is a huge resource for K12 teachers,
and once you have signed up, completed the regular formalities of identity, you can discover endless support for lessons, as well as use OpenEd for student assignments. Some content is free, while others are up for a fee. 

Ednak (Intersection of Education and Tech) is another site worth taking some time to explore. New tools, apps, and platforms are coming out all the time, making it necessary to have free time to look into what is readily available for students and teachers. Besides, it's great to line up some fresh ideas over the summer for the next term/semester. 

What suggestions do you have for summer exploration?


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