13 June 2015

Changing Mindsets to Learning

Change does trickle down into classrooms, no matter, despite, regardless. 

Change takes time, yes, and no, it's not a case of throwing out the baby along with the bath water. 

And though there are (and will be still) many challenges which include teacher training for the contemporary social settings of today, and yes again, the challenges faced by lack of digital devices and speedy wifi connection, there is one major stumbling block. 


Important Work Skills for 2020
Source: Top10OnlineColleges.org

Skills such as cross-cultural competency may not be new for many, but they are new for countries which are finally opening up to the rest of the world and for those who venture out of their comfort zones to interact and work with others from other cultures. Nor are they skills which come easily. 

There are some others which I would like to highlight (based on this infographic and where you can find more from Top 10OnlineColleges.org):

Sense making - being able to determine the deeper meaning and significance of what is expressed. 

Being able to understand vast amounts of data

New Media Literacy - not only understand but also participate in the expression of new media literacies. 

The ability to understand concepts across multiple disciplines. 

Learning mindsets need to change - for both learners and educators. 

And the best part?

All it takes is to believe in change, take a step and to get started. 

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  1. interesting, feels like wanting to know more !!!!!!!!!!