9 June 2015

Collaborating with Words, Images and Poetry

Words tumble out, words of stories, words with mistakes, words with worlds to explore. 

Whether one likes it or not, sharing words, images, stories of one's daily life has become part of our social lives today. Though there may be precautions to take before introducing certain tools/platforms in a classroom (depending on context), there is also space to introduce sharing tools for students to learn and express themselves. This is particularly true in the foreign language classroom. 

Here are some collaborative suggestions to try out with learners. 

Sharealike  creates slideshows, which are great for storytelling and presentations. 

Sharalike - Photo organizer and SlideShow maker from Sharalike on Vimeo.

Haikujam is a collaborative app for writing poetry, more specifically, for collaborative haiku writing. 

When students are hitting that zone out point, why not get them active and collaborating instead?

HaikuJAM 2.0 from HaikuJAM on Vimeo.

My last suggestion for today is Twine, open source , compatible with Windows and Mac, and offers both a Wiki and Forum to help get started.

I'd like to thank David Gilmore for teaching me about Twine - a great educator who is really worth following on Twitter.

Collaborating? Twitter, is and continues to be a great space to learn and collaborate!

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