3 June 2015

Future Careers

As many of my students take exams, I wonder how they will have the confidence they need for their future studies and careers. At the age of 18, I myself could not really foresee the future nor what I really wanted to do or spend the rest of my life doing. At 18, time is so endless. At 18, I had other more interesting things on my mind - not how I wanted to work for the rest of my life. 

Today, the concept of a job for life is quickly vanishing, and so too, is having only one skill or job option. Becoming a digital nomad may not necessarily be an option everyone aspires to. Nevertheless, being digitally literate and having some possible guidance to what one can do in the future, is a gift educators can give in the classroom. 

One possible idea is to present students with an infographic such as the one below and develop an activity which meets the language needs/interests of the students:

After discussions, either in small groups or whole group, students could then create their own infographic to share. 

offers some free personality quizzes which are always funs to take, and it teaching English as a Foreign Language, the topic opens way to lots of vocabulary. 

Besides, students always enjoy talking about themselves. 

Don't you?

Education is not only for our todays but for all our tomorrows.

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Image - Magic Moment 

Infographic taken from: Daily Infographic

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