15 August 2015

Online Quizzes - New Resources and Explorations

Mid August and the door to a new academic year is soon to be opened to students and teachers in many parts of the world. The use and implementation of educational technology seems, at least to me, to be more generally accepted and welcomed in a variety of institutions. However, Steve Anderson raises essential questions for everyone who uses digital technology in education, in his article, Evaluating Technology? Here's What to Look For, - a thought provoking article that many should read. The image below, points briefly to some of the issues that Anderson raises:

As for me,  I look forward to meeting new faces, new challenges and as in previous years, introducing new learning tools which, perhaps, my students will enjoy. 

Two of these tools regard online quizzes:

Quiz?lize  is free and compatible with different devices, making assessment more engaging for learners.  There is a Teacher Guide, as well as the opportunity for educators to share their quizzes for  free or for a small fee.  Here is a short video, explaining more:

Another online tool for creating quizzes is qzzr.

Here is an example of a quiz: What's your tavel destiny for 2015? 

Some may think it is more geared towards marketing, but by adding images to quizzes, students become more engaged and participative in the assessment (which they may also share). Especially for revisions, it certainly is a different way to carry out a class quiz. 

Other resources which I will be dipping into, include:
Google for Education

As well as the terrific Global Oneness Project 
which offers stories and lesson plans, in different media types and subjects. 

Our world becomes smaller and wider, with each day unfolding different ways of learning, different ways of connecting and furthering our understanding of issues and cultures. 

What other roads of exploration will you be taking this new academic year?

Further Suggestions:

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And an up-date for Kahoot! -