23 September 2015

Are You Known?

Despite the possible frustrations of getting students to maintain a blog, blogging is a great activity for learners. Depending on the context, educators can either ask students to set up their own blog, or simply create a class blog, which in turn, may be kept public or private. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, namely that if a blog is open to the public, a wider sense of audience is achieved and there are more possibilities for reflective exchanges, collaboration or simply, acknowledgement of one's work. 

And though I began this post referring to possible frustrations (forgotten passwords.... providing regular feedback, which is demanding on teachers' time and demanding schedules,  and so forth), keeping a blog is still, in my eyes, a wonderful way for students to develop their own digital portfolio. Not only is there are a register of their work and creativity, but by blogging, students participate more actively in their own learning, especially in terms of digital citizenship and responsibility. 

In a world where every trace of our lives are shared online, where mainstream culture is instantly referred to by happens online (e.g. Twitter trends, Instagram trends, Facebook trends), involving learners in blogging is an important learning activity.  Blogging teaches open sharing, building students'  digital identity  by extending their digital footprint in a responsible way, collaborative learning, and through the use of different digital tools, the development of digital literacies. 

Just as not all writing students will become professional or gifted writers, not all learners may continue developing their blogs once a course has ended and perhaps that is not the main purpose. Nevertheless, giving students the space and opportunity to showcase their learning, to share their creative voice , learning and being engaged in their own learning process while doing so, is what matters. 

Known is a social platform for blogging and sharing by creating a site where content is shared, commented on and where projects may be discussed.

Open source and easy to work with on different devices, Known is yet another platform which educators may wish to consider when choosing a blogging platform. Features include:

What will you be doing - dreaming or planning with your students? 

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