3 October 2015

Being a Digital Citizen

While promises of autumn still need to come to my world, my mind turns towards my students' concerns about digital safety and how they will navigate the many paths of being a digital citizen. Just as contemporary culture is intricately linked to web life, so too are many students' lives similar around the world - cyberbullying, abuse, discrediting one's self online, among one's peers, risks taken, and mistaken,  are all shared by young people growing up today. 

It is not enough to talk about it while teens roll their eyes.  However, I do believe that it is a topic which needs to be regularly introduced in lessons, regardless whether the lesson is a foreign language or ICT. Learning transpires boundaries set by curriculum at times. 


Digizen is a great interactive game to introduce to learners, with the stress being on how responsible the individual is. 

Without wishing to give too much away, the learner can select their gender and responses as they go along. At the end of the lesson, there can be feedback and further discussion. What is realistically close to their realities? How did they feel as they made their decisions in the game? What solutions can they find for their own pressing realities. 

Touching on a topic such Digital Citizenship requires student involvement and participation - not only a to-do or not-to-do list. 

How will you be approaching the topic of digital citizenship this autumn?

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  1. Great post... we are in the 2nd year of trying to be more intentional in our approach to digital citizenship using our digital compass and resource guide - https://pddigitalcitizenship.wordpress.com/ Thanks for sharing resources.

  2. Hi Matt,

    Thank you for your time to visit and many thanks for sharing - very interesting for all!