19 October 2015

Brainstorming and Collaborating

Collaboration can often be like misty Autumn mornings. Unclear, hazy, non-defined, no matter how clear collaborating instructions may be. Sometimes, learners transform the task itself - not necessarily a bad thing; quite often, they are left as confused as fog. 

Whether teaching in a F2F context or in distant education, collaboration is an integral part of learning, researching and presenting work. Here are some suggestions, beside Padlet, and Google Docs, which enable a more active flow of ideas for collaborative projects. 

For the iPad - Ideastorm

If you and your students are engaged in PBL,
why not try out the Solution Fluency Activity Planner?

There is respect and recognition in collaboration; there is learning in how to collaborate transparently for the benefit of those in a group.

There is dialogue and with that dialogue and interaction, a learning narrative which evolves and develops.

Isn't a lot of learning a narrative of sorts?

Further Suggestions:

For anyone interested in taking advantage of different features of Google Docs and more, do follow Alice Keeler who generously shares so much on her Teacher Tech blog.

Google for Education


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