12 October 2015

Games for Learning

How did you learn best? As I play with maps of memories, it is games, fun and pleasures that come to mind. 

Language teachers have always (at least since I have been a teacher), introduced games in lessons, whether for speaking, reading or writing practice and grammar. A quick search in the ELT literature will show up a wide range of publications focusing on language games. 

Today, it is even easier for language teachers and any educator to create their own specific game with freely available tools, or to dip into shared resources and online games.   So why are games so appealing to use in classrooms? Consider:

Source: Why are games good for learning?

Off2Class a library of games, quizzes and learning activities for ESL. Initially free for a 30 day trial, teachers then need to subscribe

However, it seems that teachers may still use game resources

Common Sense is a rich resource for teachers, with an inspiring section,  Lesson Flows. One can find lesson plans for different subjects, adapting them as one sees best for one's context. Zombies and Maps - Surviving a Zombie Outbreak Utilizing Latitude and Longitude Skills, is a great example of what you can find there.

Breakout Edu  games teach critical thinking, teamwork, complex problem solving, and can be used in all content areas.

Here is an example with Science Detectives - Training Room Escape

And an example:

JohnnyApplBeta is where you can play trivia and plant trees as you go along - when a player scores a correct answer, the ad pays a farmer for a tree.

It also includes games for English language learners with different levels:

What other games can you suggest this Autumn?

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  1. Hi Monica,

    Thank you! I use Kahoot quite regularly but tend to forget about Zondle - definitely need to remember that one :-)

  2. Hi Monica:
    We love your site!
    We have quite a few teachers and schools who use Gamesforlanguage's free language courses and Quick Games.
    Take a look!