22 October 2015

Narratives for Learning

My roads are narratives of discovery and learning, of memories written in sunsets, dreams set in sunrises, entangled webs of paths, images, words. Stories of life, stories of living, stories of being. 

Stories. Where would we be without them?

If students are to be engaged in their learning process, then they need to be engaged in telling their own stories. It is not just the need of autonomous learning - it is in the storytelling, in the narrative, that learning comes alive.  It is in the ownership of learning that narratives become alive. 

Whether using images or video, games, open reflections, structured stories for writing, there are endless choices to inspire students to write. However, it is in the sharing, in the creation of an audience, that a  student 's voice shines in contemporary light. 

Ourboox is free, simple to use and gives learners the opportunity to tell their own stories. 

Narratives are not only the written word, but clips of images, digital artifacts, such as word clouds, videos, cartoons, memes and so many more items that make up our contemporary life. For our contemporary life is spread across the web and whether one actively participates or not, learners today are there, online, creating, sharing and commenting on narratives. Ourboox offers the simplicity of bringing student narrative into the contemporary. 

Once signed up, you only need to click on starting a new project, the interface resembling almost a mini blog: 

Add media, add narrative, save, publish, share. 

As for visual media and writing, why not present learners with  a video, asking them to set into a context or complete the story? Provocation works wonders for writing stories. 

For educators, I'd like to also mention a that November will be a month of writing. Digital Writing Month 2015 
kicks off, is free, open and accessible for any skill level. A month of digital narrative and art, it is definitely a place to narrate and discover stories. 

How will you be  creating and sharing narratives in November?

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