7 October 2015

Responding with Responster

Image- Quietly

In every lesson, there may be a moment for quiet, a moment for individual/pair/group work and those moments when learners use their digital devices or paper and pen. Despite the wide choice of digital platforms, tools and apps, it is in the blending of each of the selected tools that takes most often place in my classrooms. 

Nevertheless, it is when I ask students to pull out their mobiles and do an activity that more sparks and smiles come alive. Mobile is here to stay - so why not explore ways to use it more often?

Responster may look as if it is only for business, but also provides educators with yet another format of presenting revisions, quizzes and polls. 

Navigating the layout of add and drop is simple; there is a building area, as well as sharing and feedback on number of responses. 

Best of all, (other than free version), is the ease of accessing and sharing the quiz on all devices. 

Other than revisions, quizzes provide a different kind of connection between teacher-learner, whether that connection is F2F or on an online course. Blending teaching approaches, digital technology (including mobile friendly activities), while stressing human interest and contact, may just be the response we need with digital technology and classrooms. 

Further Suggestions:

HARD TO TELL from Carine Khalife on Vimeo.

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