21 October 2015

Understanding Shakespeare Once Again

There are days when I travel back in time, when I travel through time. 

There are days when words recapture me, light transports me, movement and words becoming one with time. 

There are days, words and poets. 

Today is a day to revisit resources on Shakespeare and the first is Understanding Shakespeare 

Select a play, select a line in the play and immediately articles in JSTOR will show up with that quote. 

A free resource for all, the ease of research and learning more about Shakespeare is a gift to all learners, researchers and teachers.

History of Shakespeare from Min Kyung Kang on Vimeo.

So let me travel, let me go back and forth with light and lightness. 

With words of the poet, words and light of mine own, perhaps, just perhaps, a world of lights may transform beyond a stage of words. 

Which play will you be researching first?

Further Suggestions:

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Was Shakespeare Shakespeare? 11 Rules for Critical Thinking

Infographic of the Day: Can Charts Throw Light on Shakespeare?


I'd like to thank Minna Metsäportti for pointing out the image of expressions still said and shared today.

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