22 October 2015

Well Being in the Classroom


I may wish that learning could be a wonder, a joy of discovery. I certainly may wish and continue wishing when often the reality of starting a new course is more like this:


Watching students join a new class and taking a selfie always makes me smile. Yet I wonder...how do they feel about learning and how will they meet the demands of that particular course?

As educators, we already are pulled and stretched out with demands, whether those be professional or /and personal. And yet, we know when a student is not well, when a student is not at their best. What can an educator do? There may be professional support at an institution but not always. That is when an educator may, perhaps, pause the syllabus and open an opportunity for reflection, for self-expression and chances of learning what is closer to students - being well, being happy. 

I am Me from Thought Café on Vimeo.

Thought Cafe offers a selection animations that offer reflection on social justice, critical awareness and self-education. Here you can also find a selection of videos which are provocative and educational to use in class, if only to start off a discussion and introduce further activities related to well being (e.g. students create their own  thought bubbles with the aid of cartoons or other visuals, for instance).

Amy Krouse Rosenthal's Thought Bubble: Kindness from Thought Café on Vimeo.

I need to know why classrooms can't be a place of joy, of reflecting on being well, on being happy.

I need to know why learning opportunities cannot be open and student centred.

Further Suggestions:

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