7 November 2015

Collaborating, Participating Digitally

Learning is not a socially isolated act and there is no reason why students today should be prevented from participating and collaborating digitally. One of my favourite platforms is, as I have mentioned before, is
Edmodo, which I use daily. Efficient and perfect for the needs of my students, Edmodo kicks off the flow of lessons, as I  project images, instructions, student contributions and much more.

There may be Facebook communities,  G+ communities and more educational hubs for collaboration, however, there are other tools as well, in particular for more mature learners and for those who we collaborate across borders.

Table, a recent platform is still in Beta but promises to be a very useful tool, once a personal network is developed.

Although still a bit buggy, Table does provide quick and friendly support to users.

From Sexting to Cyberbullying, issues of digital collaboration and participation among students are regularly highlighted across the web. When reflecting on the digital literacies which are embedded in our contemporary lives,  participating in networks is no exception, as Dudeney so clearly points out:

"A focus on connections: personal, participatory, network and intercultural literacies
These literacies come to the forefront in social networking spaces and other online media. They may include blogs (personal literacy) and wikis (participatory), as well as social networks such as Facebook (network). In such spaces users not only write about themselves and their lives, but also participate in wide social groupings that transcend geographical, religious and ethnic boundaries (intercultural literacy)."

Isn't it time that they are guided through collaborative practices for a world that increasingly depends on transparent, productive collaboration? 

(How Teens Are Really Using Social Media)

Suspicion, whether of collaborating across networks, or digital participation  has no place in education today.

No place at all.

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With warm thanks to Ann Foreman  ( Teaching English - British Council ) for sharing this reminder on FB.

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