19 November 2015

Diffuse with a Quote

Mid November pushes the semester onwards. Halloween has gone by, and other celebrations take shape with  plans and events to come.

Mid November and students become restless, wishing for the end which still seems so far away. 

Whether as a way to let off steam, or possibly even to summarise the essence of an essay or project, why not have learners create a simple poster with a quotation?

ReciteThis is simple and free to use - write your quote/words, choose the background, create and share!

When everyone has created their quote, have students share them in a wall (Padlet) , so creating a further sense of community among them. 

Teachers can use it as reminders to share with students or even to boost daily morale (when those waves of endless marking come along as they tend to do).

How do you diffuse bottled up energy from hours of sitting at desks? 

DIFFUSION from Kouhei Nakama on Vimeo.

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