13 November 2015

The Leap to Change

From connecting the classroom to life outside the school grounds, from giving voice to learners,  (and getting them published) to making mistakes, but learning from them, from seeking new approaches in lessons that engage learners, to web tools and apps - often it has seemed to me, that as educators we dance through a myriad of options for the sake of more engagement in learning. Yes, there may be elements of doubt, of fear even, when one goes ahead and introduces the new. Will the app work without glitches? Will the internet connection stall or will students actually be able to get on with their task? 

Change. Often a leap of faith. 

Selecting the right tool - moments when certainty is there, moments when one wishes an achievement but not always achieves the initial goal. Moments too, when learners adapt the task to how they want it to be. 

How does one choose what really works well in classrooms? Teachers Know Best offers these suggestions:

George Siemens has touched upon the feature of how being digitally literate also includes the element of playfulness, of how one should not be afraid of making a mistake while learning.

Sometimes too, choosing the right app or digital tool becomes close to speed dating - with so many options, how does one know which one is the best for one's student? By test and trial. That is part of learning for both educators and students. 

Change is a dance between faith and fearlessness of risking mistakes. 

Change is learning too. 

Speed Dating from Meghann Artes on Vimeo.

Further Suggestion:

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