23 November 2015

The Learning Management System

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As many may perhaps know, I am an active user of Edmodo,  as well as a support
Ambassador for Edmodo. I find it so practical for students, that I also use quite often when training teachers as well. Here below are some reasons why:

However, there are other learning systems to use with students and when teaching online. Love them or hate them, often a LMS does offer some sense of tidiness in a course, in particular when other digital spaces are also being used for learning purposes. Despite not being a complete fan of a LMS which keeps student's work locked up and then later, not freely available to them, there are times when using a LMS comes in handy.

Here are some suggestions:

Haiku Learning

Modo Labs

Matrix LMS







Open Class


What other systems do you recommend?

For educators and students who wish to take more control over their learning, then Reclaim Hosting
is definitely worth exploring.

Further Suggestions:

10 alternatives to Moodle for e-Learning software, LMS Platform using open source/GPL



Moodle - a collection of references and videos

Edmodo - videos, slideshows and suggestions of how to use Edmodo

Teaching Check List

101 E-Learning Tips from the Experts


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