4 November 2015

Visualising Data

How does one visual learning? How does one visual knowledge?

More challenging, (to me) is  how does one visual social interaction?

Whether for one's self interest in understanding processes or whether one needs to analyse data, there are two tools which are very useful for educators and learners. 

Silk creates interactive visualisations on data analysis and one wishes to share it visually. Silk also has a blog which provides tips and guidelines for anyone beginning to use it. Not only does Silk provide a tool for analysis, but there is also a growing community where users may share and learn. 

Vizable is another option to visualise data. A free app, Vizable also provides tips on how best to create interactive visuals that make data easier and more interesting to understand.

Vizable from Vizable on Vimeo.

Here you can browse through other suggestions to create charts and express data visually.

Living in an endless sea of information, there are moments when frankly, I feel overwhelmed in a swamp of data.

Being able to reach out to tools such as the above mentioned, helps me to make sense.

Sense making comes with interactive visualisation.

How do you make sense of data?

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