9 December 2015

Playing with Images

Do you ever travel through images?

Do you ever wonder about what the images represent, how the photographer felt as he/she shifted their gaze and froze a moment? What they really saw and what you see?

There may be shifts of meanings, shades of perception, spaces in between what one sees and another wishes to express. 

Regardless of subject, there are always uses for images in classroom. Below are some suggestions for teachers and students alike. 

Loupe Collage is as the name suggests, a creator of collages,
offering different themes and shapes. One may use only one image or more. And yes, free to use.  You can download the image, share on social media, as well as embed it.

You can also create cards and even look for Waldo if inspiration is low. 

Meme Generator creates memes - a fun activity for learners, especially at the end of term or semester (or any time!). MakeaMeme is another choice for memes. 

Fotojet is another free online collage maker which also creates cards and posters.

Last suggestion for the day, is why not transform your class into unicorns with Unicornify? You only need to pop in an email and the generator will create a unicorn, which then can be added to a Padlet to showcase a whole group of learning unicorns! 

If you teach a language class, each learner can add a speech bubble to their unicorn and include it in the Padlet - for example, what they remember from classes, what have they learnt, what do they feel they need to improve. Possibilities are as endless as unicorns themselves!

Chiaroscuro from Daniel Drummond on Vimeo.

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