15 February 2016

Digital Learning Day 2016

My world is undoubtedly hybrid. My days are spent in F2F classrooms using digital technology. My days are spent online, a lively mix of reading, writing, designing online/distance courses and facilitating, participating in webinars, conferences, communities. The list is open and endless as anyone who shares similar interests understands. 

As Digital Learning Day 2016 comes closer, (17th February),  I see the need to not only celebrate the date, but also the need to reflect on what all this means. It is not only the digital tools which an educator introduces into classroom practices, nor the use of digital platforms to "cut corners" and appear in tune with a generation who has grown up with the internet. A digital tool is so much more than "just a tool". Educational technology is changing educational practices. Educators need to reflect on these changes and their implications for learning today,  by making better informed decisions with the ever growing field of apps and online tools. For instance, which may be tracking students and where does that data go to? For what purposes? (Other questions regarding educational technology are regularly focused on by Audrey Watters who highlights these changes and the future of educational technology in Hack Education. )

From community building, the exchange of knowledge and knowing, to ePortfolios and different ways of perceiving the world, we need to pause at times, step backwards and reflect on our practices and uses of educational technology. Equally, as educators, we need to continue broadening our practices to include relevant learning in the areas of Digital Citizenship and Digital Literacies and what these really mean for our students.

ReadWriteThink  , for example, offers great suggestions for K 12, offering classroom activities and resources for educators, which focus on digital learning and the varied implications which involved learners. 

Digital Learning Day is a learning day, a reflection day for all educators. A day of sense-making which should be carried out daily. 

It's also a day to reflect on the necessary skills for students and how best to develop them in classrooms, whether these are to be encouraged digitally or not.

photo credit: Dark Shadows 3 via photopin (license)

Developing Digital Citizens from Alec Couros

How will you be participating in


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