14 February 2016

Grades, Games and Grammar

As much as educators don't exactly prize assessment and endless testing, students do need different forms of feedback. Providing a game for grammar, for instance, immediately perks up their interest to participate in class and in the testing, especially if carried out digitally. 

Quizalize is a free tool for creating games and quizzes which can do be done in class or at home. 

Here are a couple of features which I like:

1 - Simple format to create quizzes

2. Teachers can also include an icon of their choice (the pink circle on the left hand side); each icon may represent a different part of grammar or field of study.

3. There's a demo for educators to check what a quiz will look like. 

4. And there is sharing - for free or for a price, according to individuals' choice. 

In a nut shell:

While you consider whether this tool may be of use for your teaching context, why not take this Quiz on How Millennial Are You?

And, as food for thought:

What games and quizzes will you be sharing with your peers and colleagues?

Or... will collaboration with peers remain buried in silence?

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