18 February 2016

Time for Triventy

Trapped in time.

Lost in time.

Lack of time.

On time.

Just in time?

Mid February, the ticking of time and 12 weeks to go before the end of the academic year signals long summer, carefree days. My students are restless. Kahoots and Quizizz are popular but what if something else filled up that endless time, with a dash of novelty,  until at least, Spring break?

Triventy is an easy tool to use for creating games. When you sign up, you have an option to sign up as an educator and only use Triventy for education, or you can also use (for a fee) for events and social gatherings. 

Much like other digital games, there are 3 simple steps:

Similar to Kahoot and Quizizz, you can share your games with others as well as use the resources they have created. One particular feature I find very useful for educators, is that there is quite a range of languages to choose from, making Triventy great to use for other subjects which are not necessarily taught in English. You can add images to each question as well,  making it visually more interesting for learners. 

When the game begins, projected on a screen or wall, students only need to join the game with the automatically generated code. And what better words can a teacher say other than, "bring out your mobiles now and let's play!"

Learning, revising and gaming - what better way to engage learners who are longing for Spring break?

What are your favourite classroom activities when anticipating Spring?

Between Times from Tiny Inventions on Vimeo.

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