20 March 2016

A Writing Resource For Everyday of the Year


If classrooms are to be special places of learning and inspiration, then activities which foster creativity and student engagement are a must. This, however, also puts a lot of pressure on teachers who are already struggling with admin work, testing, testing, testing and all the other variations of duties linked with education. 

Among other resources which are freely available for educators, there is a lovely writing resources to dip into for writing teachers. Pobble is a writing tool
for young learners which educators must sign up for and then verify that they are indeed educators.

Pobble also has offers another resource, which is the one that I am highlighting in this post - it's resource for writing teachers.

Pobble 365 is a great resource for teachers who are teaching young learners writing.  

There are daily inspirations for each day of the year, each coming a Story Starter which can be downloaded as a PDF file, Sentence challenges and other support items for busy teachers. 

Teachers don't necessarily need to follow everything, but it certainly is a great source to look into for writing ideas to introduce in classrooms.

What sources of inspiration do you usually turn to?


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