9 March 2016

Anyone for Bingo?

As a the promise of Spring lingers, my mind wanders through the daily challenge of how to capture my students' attention to learning vocabulary.  If you browse through this blog, you may find different kinds of digital games to use in classrooms. Today, I want to include Bingo!

Bingo may not be as popular and well known as in the UK, for example, but it has been adapted for foreign language classrooms quite often in the past (i.e., past as in before the internet).

Two helpful Bingo online sites to create
games for students are
Bingo Baker and Bingo Card App 
Both are free and you have the choice of creating or not, an account.

Both give you the choice of printing your bingo game in PDF format as well, if your class does not have access to devices nor wifi. 

Bingo Baker can actually be played on iPads as well, and here is an example of a Weather Bingo 

While Spring may still delay in coming,
let's keep introducing playful learning into classrooms!

Do you know of other sites which help create Bingo games for learning?

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