8 March 2016

Will You Wizer with Me?

Moments come when learners need to do revisions and further practice in their field of study.

Moments come too, when teachers are fed up with re-inventing the wheel every time they begin teaching a new subject, be that a new level within a subject or even starting off at a new institution. 

Wizer is a free tool to create interactive worksheets which may be done in class or set aside for autonomous revisions.  

Once you create an account and begin your worksheet, you can add different kind of media
, and select what kind of worksheet you wish to design. 

You can also personalise your worksheet by choosing a theme,
and within that theme, selecting the image you wish.

You can either embed your activity or share the link with learners:

For educators, there is the choice to share with others. This is where Wizer becomes also very useful for teachers. For teachers working within an institution, for example,  this becomes a resource bank which may be shared among all, without the need for individual teachers always having to create their own materials.  Materials are  focused and tailored to their students' context and learning environment while individual teachers can always dip into this resource bank and if not satisfied, create their own interactive worksheet.  

Open, transparent, confident cooperation among educators provides a constructive gain for all. 

How do you share revision tasks for your students?


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