15 April 2016

Being Learner Centered


Micro learning...

Personal learning....

Deep learning ...

Bite-sized learning....

Everyone wants to sell me a "new" notion of learning.

Yet, as a practitioner, the song remains the same in classrooms. Connect learners to themselves and peers. Foster social learning - students will always find their peers more interesting than the classroom teacher.  Give space for learners to question - question and create! Learning may not necessarily happen in classrooms, yet students who are given a learner focused approach in classrooms are often more open to their learning processes and success. 

Practising a learner centered approach is not only for F2F classrooms but also for online classes, where with distances, the learner needs to take on a more active role in his/her learning. Facilitating, encouraging and fostering e-tivities which enable a learner centered approach weaved with the incentive  and structure for social learning, seems to me, to be one of the most successful approaches to studying online. 

As for idea for a more learning centered classroom, I'd like to share this infographic by Mia, An Ethical Island, which can be used in a wide range of settings and different subjects. 

What other approach to learner centered classrooms would you include?

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