17 April 2016

Climate Change for Young Learners


If you live where I do, before opening your eyes, you will know that the morning sun will be shining bright and that wearing cottons will be perfectly comfortable for the day's weather. However, even in environments where there are few seasonal changes, there have been unexpected changes in weather patterns. 

Climate change is not something which concerns only one nation nor is it something that "someone else will fix".  Climate change, like so many other environmental issues is something which affects us all in varying degrees and stages.  

Climate Kids  is a great space to share with young learners when discussing our planet and the environment. 

There is a special section for different kinds of environments (air, ocean, weather and so on) and a big wheel which presents questions to get started: 

Climate Kids  also offers more - a selection of games, activities for learners to make and build, as well as more resources for teaching  . Information about different ecosystems are clearly explained, learners practice how to  
read and understand graphs
and can even play to test how much they know about to protect our environment. 
Climate Bingo!

There is a wealth of information and variety of activities for young learners here, including a Time Machine, which will certainly excite their imaginations and a game where they can test their skills in using alternative energies for lightening up a town. 

Change doesn't happen in a day nor month.

Creative thinking and problem solving doesn't occur in classrooms unless learners are given the opportunity to learn, to be curious, to be playful.

Raising awareness about the state of our planet and how it will affect their lives, is a necessary change to bring into classrooms.

If nothing else, climate change and protecting the planet,  a topic that demands real world problem solving, is an issue which connects us all. 


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