13 April 2016

Learning with IATEFL 2016

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How do you perceive yourself as a professional?

In my case, I neither consider myself an academic nor specialist, but as a practitioner. In some ways, I may be regarded as a specialist within the field of English Language teaching - after all, I have been doing that for many years and have dedicated a lot of professional training within the field.  However, I have also taught other subjects and equally have other professional fields of interest which I dedicate time to learn, improve my skills and use as a practitioner. 

I digress.

April, the cruellest month, a month when teachers feel the itch of burnout, the longing for exams and admin work to be finally over. 

I digress. 

April is the month too of professional development for educators in the field of English Language Teaching and currently, the annual IATFL Conference, taking place in Birmingham. 

Personally, attending a conference or symposium, is an opportunity for inspiration, a moment when any trace of professional burnout disappears with the enthusiasm and positive energy that these events share with participants. However, as many other educators around the globe, I am not always able to attend in person.  

As with other conferences, for those who would like to attend IATEFL but are not able to, there is the Livestream which you can follow, recorded interviews  which you can view in your own time,and a  Live Schedule to help you organise your preferences. 

I include the video links of two of my favourite professionals in the world of ELT here below:

Nicky Hockly - who talks about blended learning and how many teachers may be finding themselves in a blended learning context in the near future.


Jim Scrivener  - who discusses a different and relevant angle of teacher training. 

IATEFL Online shares a wealth of inspiration and learning for anyone willing to take some time to connect, listen and simply let oneself discreetly (or not) participate in a great professional event.

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