17 April 2016

Pinning Summer Projects

Summer may be young people's preferred dream time of happy classroom-less days, but for many teens, summer also spells out long weeks without being with school friends. 

So how can one fill up summer days without making the task too much like regular school work?

Pindex is similar to Pinterest, but designed for education. 

Once you request an invitation, you can start pinning games, images, videos, texts related to specific themes.

 For teachers this becomes a rich resource of shared materials; for learners, this becomes a simple way of creating a bank of materials on a topic they are interested in. Without any pressure of having to submit their pinning for a grade/mark, it becomes an exercise of personal curation, something they can add to their learning portfolio and share with others. Best of all, is a sense of creation - instead of merely surfing online aimlessly to kill time, they can actually be creating a board of their own interests to later present. 

What other summer projects do you share with learners? 


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