25 September 2016

Do you Flex Words?

As a language learner, I have always wanted words, words of things, words which makes something happen - usually, words which would help in situations of interaction with others (e.g. how much does X cost? and so on).  I have wanted special words to share with students on special occasions, being able to congratulate them on special days, trying to forge some form of connection other than the one who marks their essays or teaches about writing skills. 

One app  on words and vocabulary that I have come across recently is for English language learners. 

Wordflex is not free, but really is worth purchasing. Using Wordflex is simple - type in the word that puzzles you and watch the screen unfold with meaning and grammatical usuage. 

Below is a simple example:

Better still, is to listen and watch how simple Wordflex is:

Students can keep their own vocabulary records, work with Wordflex in pairs in class and... however you find it most suitable for your learners and their context.

Need a word, need it now?

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