21 September 2016

Forms of Storytelling


It's so simple to ask students to be creative. 

It's so easy to offer them a choice of digital tools and let them get on with the task of production. 

Quite frankly, in my experience, it is anything but simple. Anything but easy. 

Not only do students need scaffolding, clear instructions, clear goals and monitored team management while doing their task (in this case, if pair or small group work),  they also need time to explore and play with a new tool or platform. Play? Yes. Both in terms of fiddling around, looking at how a tool/platform works as well as the element of playfulness. What creativity can exist without playfulness?

Playfulness brings me to stories and images - both can summon up wild imaginations and/or interesting perspectives in projects, in particular when presenting ideas to solve problems. 

Storyform is  for storytelling - an activity which learners enjoy, using their own worlds, their personal interests, their own views on a topic. 

Not all features of Storyform are free - however, with its ability to include text, image and video, it makes a great choice for students when they are working on a project. Whether the project is fuelled by imagination or related to a specific theme being covered in class, developing a story form to present students' research/inquiry process is an opportunity of creativity.

Another tool worth looking into, especially for its use of images, is Maptia.

Maptia may also be used as an inspirational springboard - images shared are so beautiful, that they will certainly encourage learners to add their own images to their stories.

Being creative is not something that can be snapped up in a sale,  found in a supermarket aisle, nor imposed. It's by giving learners the tools and time to explore, to practice, to develop and produce (as opposed to only consume) that their creative skills are developed.


What other tools/platforms can you recommend for creative projects and storytelling?

29 WAYS TO STAY CREATIVE from 1 minute 40 on Vimeo.

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